Just Perfect heating solutions from Abbi-Aerotech!

The choice for the right heating solution depends on your specific situation and the available energy sources.
Of course, building constructions, climate conditions and type of birds are important as well. To achieve the best results
with your birds, a well designed system is necessary. Abbi Aerotech helps you to design the right solution that saves you
money and guarantees the best conditions in your poultry house.

Our heating solutions

Hot air blowers, either direct or indirect fired , on gas ( propane, LPG or natural gas ) or on diesel ( paraffine ), we have the types that fit in your building, with the needed heat capacity and airvolume, sturdy and made for harsh conditions.
-Type NG-L : direct gas heater for low gas pressure connections working both on propane and natural gas.
-Type NG-LF : direct gas heater for medium gas pressures only working on propane gas .

-Type NDA : direct diesel heater .
-Type Mirage: infrared gas brooder.
-Type S'Nook : indirect gas heater on propane or natural gas.
-Type Multiheat: hot water heaters connected to an external boiler, consisting of a high efficient heat exchanger, axial fan and a unique designed distribution device.

Our heating solutions for your poultry farms


Radiant heating is the only system that creates a micro-climate to your poultry, so they can choose their most comfortable spot and heat at any time.

The only problem of infra-red heaters is the daily cleaning of the dust filter.

This problem is solved by the new type “Mirage“.

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The NG-L Series has been specially developed for the agro industry. Its principal characteristic is the dust-proof burner head. Its reliability under extreme conditions is guaranteed. Countless poultry and pig houses have been equipped with this multifunctional, gas-fired heater. The propane-fired NG-LF is very easy to connect to a modulating system. These modulating systems are mostly found in crop drying.

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Multiheat warm water heater
Multiheat warm water heater
Multiheat hot water units for the heating of poultry buildings To obtain the best results in poultry buildings, an optimum climatic environment is essential for the health and productivity of the birds. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are the main factors influencing these results. Therefore a perfect heating- and ventilation system is necessary. Here, the Multiheat HW unit is the solution.
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Multiheat Climate Station 185plus+
Multiheat Climate Station 185plus+

The unit is installed outside the building, thus no obstacles in the way when cleaning the housing system and no combustion in the poultry house. Any maintenance work is performed outside the housing system, which means it is always peaceful inside. An ideal climate station for poultry housing systems, but also for other buildings, such as warehouses, exhibition halls, sports halls, etc.

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Multiheat S’Nook indirect fired gas heater
Multiheat S’Nook indirect fired gas heater

With this smart product, Multiheat supplies an indirect fired gas heater for a sustainable heating, resulting in a low energy consumption. Closed combustion circuit The S‘nook  has a closed combustion circuit, which means no open flame in the house. Combustion gases are exhausted to the outside and necessary clean combustion air is being sucked from outside. 

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The Mirage brooder : Economical, Direct, Simple

The Mirage infrared brooder is the only system that creates a micro-climate to your poultry, so they can choose their most comfortable spot and heat at any time. There where needed. Efficient at low costs.

  • No dust filter
  • Compact durable design
  • Modulating capacity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Very efficient (2-3°C more on floor level)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large heat pattern
  • Reliable
  • Optional with individual thermostat
  • CE-certified

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With increasing and relatively high energy prices, the choice of the right heating system is more and more important. Abbi-Aerotech B.V. has the experience to give you the best options for your individual circumstances. Call and tell us your request or problem. We will be happy to solve it!

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