New: Abbi-Handy

New manual ventilation controller


Abbi-Handy ABSR5-10 is the brand new addition to our Abbi controller range. The Handy is our answer to the market demand for a simple-to-use, compact, manual ventilation controller with 5 speeds!

Abby-Handy bridges the gap between the multifunctional, fully automated Abbi DCC-Touch climate controller and the manual controllers for operating each fan separately.

The Handy offers a solution when you want to manually adjust the rotational speed of your fans at any time. Switch from 0 to 100 in five simple steps for maximum ventilation capacity!

From 0 to 100 in 5 steps!

• The perfect solution for quick and easy manual speed control for fans!
• Ideal for dairy barns, robotic milking parlours, waiting areas, and production halls etc.
• Direct control of no fewer than 10 fans
• Precise control with 5 speeds of 20%
• Perfect for use in milking parlours due to protection class IP65
• Easy mounting and installation

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