NEW: Abbi-Apex 36 suitable for low barns

Eric Bussem Owner

The first installations with the new, smaller fan Abbi-Apex 36 are running


Due to the high demand for smaller, energy-efficient fans for lower stables, where the Abbifan 140-XXP fans do not fit, we have developed the Abbi-Apex 36. This fan has a size of 109cm instead of 140cm.

With the addition of the Abbi-Apex 36, we have a complete range of energy efficient fans to meet the ventilation needs of every dairy farm.

Smaller version of the successful, energy-efficient Abbifan 140-XXP!

The Abbi-Apex 36 fan is extremely energy efficient (power max. 328W / h).

The fans can be used for longitudinal ventilation, as well as for improved cross ventilation. In order to achieve the correct air velocity, we recommend a distance between the fans of approximately 5m for cross ventilation and 9-10m to each other for longitudinal ventilation. The minimum installation height is 2.7m (fan bottom).

Delivered standard with suspension hooks and a galvanised inlet rim. The fan must be installed at the right angle (approx. 21°) using braces with chain or steel wire. This ensures that an effective air speed is delivered to the animals.

The user-friendly DCC-Touch fan controller makes it possible to accurately set the desired temperature.

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