Innovation price

Dierk Engelbrecht German dairy farmer

Innovation prize for dairy farmer with Abbifans


By investing in a ventilation system from Abbi-Aerotech, our customer Engelbrecht from Bokholt-Hanredder (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) has won a prize in the field of innovation and animal welfare at progressive companies. The prize was awarded by the Landwirtschaftskammer of Schleswig-Holstein. The president of the Landwirtschaftskammer hopes that this prize will be an example and that other companies will also invest in innovation and animal welfare.

My cows give more and longer milk than before

Mr. Engelbrecht makes clear that the prize means a great deal to him. He has invested a lot in animal welfare in recent years and he is very happy to receive an award for this. This investment has led, among other things, to his cows giving more and longer milk than before.
The award is given to companies that take both animal welfare and healthy business practices into account.

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