Aalbert Bussem Dairy specialist

New Abbifan 140-XPP-1


Equipped with a permanent magnet motor (MEC 71), this results in an energy saving of 44 up to 70%! New is also that the electronic device is mounted next the motor for automatic control of the fan and further savings. Finally, we upgraded our impeller using glass reinforced polypropylene. The new typenumber is the Abbifan 140-XXP-1.

Abbi Aerotech: efficient climate solutions
for productive livestock

Latest motor technology now also applied in
ABBI-FAN axial fans. The ABBI-FAN140-XXP-1 is Abbi-Aerotech’s
latest development in fans for livestock buildings. This fan is by far the most energy efficient in the market for larger axial fans. High air output and very low energy consumption! A sophisticated suspension system automatically ensures that a running fan is correctly positioned. The ABBI-FAN 140-XXP-1 is equipped with a permanent magnetic motor and accompanying
electronic control. That means that a very high yield is achieved, which increases still further as the number of revolutions falls. In practice, savings of 30-70% in comparison with existing motors are realized.
The motor is significantly quieter, has a longer service life and requires less maintenance. Each motor is driven by an electronic voltage control, built into a separate compartment mounted below the motor.

A simple 0-10V controller is enough for automatic control of the fan. The propeller is also a new development, consisting of 3 propeller blades made of PPG material, which is durable and realises high air volumes. Electronically-controlled (EC) motors are expensive, but thanks to a sophisticated design, the application of the latest motor technologies and close cooperation with parts suppliers, we have succeeded in marketing this fan for an attractive price! A payback time of one year is practically feasible, depending on the duration of use.