Abbi-Aerotech presented super energy efficient Abbifan 140-XXP at Eurotier in Hannover!

Eric Bussem President


We were very proud to show our new Abbifan 140-XXP at Eurotier in Hannover. This Abbifan is unique product in the market and has no analog.
The audience was enthusiast about our new product and we got a lot of positive responses.

New products by Abbi-Aerotech: low power consumption and an affordable price!

Together with the Abbifan 140-XXP, we introduced also our milking parlour and tube ventilation systems. All these new products are made to prevent heat stress, realize the optimum ventilation, create fresh and cool air as well as give less flies problems in a barn. The biggest advantage of our new products is efficient energy consumption.
The visitors at the Eurotier 2016 were very interested in what we presented.
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