Cooling solutions to beat the heat!

Heat stress can have a large impact on cow comfort and milk production, affecting the profitability of dairy operations.
Fans cool by moving air over the body at a high speed. They do not cool the air. When fans are not sufficient, additional
cooling can be achieved using evaporative cooling. Two types of evaporative cooling are available:
1. Sprinkler systems in combination with fans
2. High pressure fogging systems to cool the air.

Our cooling solutions for your dairy farm

Sprinkler systems wet the cows with a large droplet and then use fans to blow across the cow's bodies to evaporate the water and cool the cows. In most cases a pipeline is installed next to the feeding area and mounted with low pressure 180° nozzles spreading the water over the cows’ back. A spray pattern with a radius of max. 2.40m. is wanted so the freestalls don't get wet.
Nozzle size determines rate. Only the correct pipe diameters, pressure regulators, thermostats and timers make the system complete and successful.

High pressure fogging systems for evaporative cooling are used to cool the air above the cow without wetting the cow.
A spraying bracket is mounted on the fans consisting of 4 to 10 nozzles. A high pressure water pump supplies the water to the nozzles at 70 Bar, to the nozzles, where a fine mist vaporizes, absorbing the heat and transferring it away from the cow. Depending on the humidity level in the barn, temperature drops of 3-5°C can be reached. Important is the control of humidity levels and the settings made on the controls.
Abbi-Aerotech can help you making the correct installations.

Our dairy cooling system


The fogging system works with a high pressure pump at 70 Bar, and by means of special nozzles the water is nebulized into drops of just 10 microns. The nebulous water evaporates instantly, lowering the ambient temperature.    The soaking system works with a low pressure system of 1,3 Bar. The soaking nozzles are placed above the feeding table with a pipe or the nozzles are placed above the holding area.

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Pad cooling
Pad cooling

Water is being pumped across the pad. The airflow evaporates the water and the air cools down. Temperature can be lowered by 8-15°C, depending on local conditions.

The highly efficient “Aerocool” panels are easy to install and control. Pads are very effective in dry climatic conditions.

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Year after year, heat stress leads to a decrease in milk production. That is why Abbi-Aerotech has made a ventilation system that helps to solve this problem. We can provide you with the best climate solution for your barn. Contact one of our experts and we will be happy to help!

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