More than 25 years solutions for total climate systems in livestock houses.

You can find Abbi-Aerotech installations all around the world, either projects custom-made or with products working under different climate conditions .

About the company

In 1990 , Aalbert Bussem started the production and sales of Abbisun infrared brooders . During the first years also ventilation systems were imported from Aerotech, Inc. USA. Since 2002 a licence agreement with Aerotech, Inc. was concluded for the production of their entire programme.
When Aerotech, Inc. was sold to Munters, Abbi developed their own range of fans with an emphasis on energy efficiency.
The specific parts are tailor-made in cooperation with specialised companies. As manufacturer, we control assembly and final inspection.
This resulted in 1997 in a new infrared brooder, the Mirage, being outperformed to existing types of brooders.

In the year 2002 we added a new line of hot air blowers, the NG-L types. These heaters can operate on natural gas as well as propane/LPG and operate with low gas pressures.
Later, in 2007, we launched a new type of fan, the Abbifan , The use of synthetic materials to optimize the airflow was new for the sector. Low energy consumption figures characterizes the product, while new developments are knocking on the door.
Since 2012, the company operates under the name Abbi-Aerotech B.V, where Aalbert's son Eric succeeded him and is now heading the company as President.
New developments are ongoing, both for poultry farms as for dairy farms.

Ing. Aalbert Bussem

Board Member

Board member.  Started the company in 1990 and travelled to most clients worldwide. Senior advisor and specialist in dairy ventilation. Develops new products for the practical farmer. Still active every day and well-known in the industry.  

Eric Bussem


Eric, born in 1969 in Winterswijk, the Netherlands. Joined the company in 1991 and started in the production, and later on via purchase, service, project engineering to sales and since 2012 as President of Abbi-Aerotech B.V.  

Robert Camaro

Sales Director

Robert Camaro started in 2006 as sales Director Asia and he is responsible for the dealers in the Asian market. Robert is specialist in all kind of heating possibility's in the poultry market.

Marijn Zwinkels

Export Manager

Marijn Zwinkels started in 2015 with us as Export Manager, and has over 10 years of experience in the agricultural sector. He is responsable for our dealer network in close collaboration with Eric and Mariëlle. He enjoys explaining our products to our customers for mutual benefits.  

Alex Nieuwland

Sales Manager

Alex Nieuwland started in our organization in 2019 and is responsable for sales and dealer support in several focus countries, as well as in the Northern Netherlands. As a former dairy farmer in Canada and his job as Sales Manager for several international companies, he understands the language of the Dairy farmer and is a youngstock raising and....

Cordian Verspuij

Purchasing and Planning Manager

Cordian Verspuij is our Purchase and Planning Manager and joined the Abbi-Team since 2018. He is responsable for the purchase and planning of all components needed for the best quality of our products. His goal is a smooth planning with the productionside and maintaining good contacts with our suppliers.    

Ing. Mira Forman

Marketing/ Int. Sales Assistant

Ing. Mira Forman is our Marketing/International Sales Assistant since 2019. She supports the sales where possible and takes care of the quotations with accompanying drawings and correspondance. She is also responsable for promotional activities, advertising in trade magazines, website and the organizing of shows, as well as all kind of leaflets.....

Marielle Biesbroek

Orderprocessing & transport

Mariëlle Biesbroek has been working for our company for many years, and for most of our clients she is a well-known name. She is responsable for order processing, transport and preparing all documents necessary for a trouble-free completion of our exports. When calling the office, most of the times Mariëlle will be the first to answer your call.

Tine Grasman

Personnel Manager

Tine Grasman, started recently as our personnel manager, responsable for the policy and all regulations which apply to be a good employer.

Leo Bussem


Leo Bussem, employee since the start of our company in 1990, could be retired meanwhile, but likes the work too much to say goodbye. He knows all companies' activities, offers help where needed and acts as our caretaker for the premises.

Innovations to optimize living conditions for livestock and to save energy consumption.

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