Ventilation, cooling and heating solutions for Dairy and Poultry farms

Why clients choose for ABBI-AEROTECH ?

The most efficient way to achieve an optimal climate in the barn for a productive livestock

  • Controlled temperature and humidity conditions
  • Effective ventilation without causing draughts
  • Energy efficient products

Abbi Aerotech: efficient climate solutions for productive livestock

What our clients in over 120 countries say

Harm Beenen, dairy farmer in Germany
"We installed them as advised and we are glad we did so"
Harm Beenen runs a dairy farm with 1800 cows in Reichardtswerben , Germany. Originally an old DDR-farm , which Beenen turned into a modern up-to-date dairy farm. As the buildings had a low ceiling it was absolute necessary to install fans for an optimum production in summertime. Beenen chose for the Abbifan 140-XGS-1 : " We installed them as advised by Abbi-Aerotech .
Mathias Munzert, Dairy farm manager in Rothenacker, Germany
"we bought Abbifans for the waiting area, convinced by the knowledge of Abbi-Aerotech and their quality products "
Mathias Munzert runs a dairy farm in Tanna, Rothenacker and just finished the new buildings for 1500 cows. Built at the latest standards for cow comfort Munzert pretends a higher milk yield and optimum conditions for their herd. Starting with Abbifans 140-XG-1 in the waiting area we will experience this summer the need of more fans in the main building.
Bennie and Herbert te Selle, Dairy farmers in Winterswijk, the Netherlands
" Fresh air in the barn with Abbifans "
Bennie and Herbert te Selle are dairy farmers in Winterswijk , the Netherlands. They built a new barn in 2015 for 180 cows with 2 robots. In the  summer of 2016 they decided to install fans as temperatures are rising every year and hold for longer periods. With our top herd of Holstein cows we reach an average production of 12.000 Liters.

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